Our Vision


The Green Mountain Care Board was created by the Vermont legislature in 2011 to oversee the design of Green Mountain Care, a comprehensive health care system to serve the health care needs of every Vermonter.  Through the coordinated efforts of this independent board, state government, and the citizens of Vermont, and with valuable input from health care professionals, and the business community, the Board will offer implementation strategies and innovative systems to keep Vermont among the leading states in expanding quality, affordable health care to all Vermonters while reducing waste and controlling costs. 

The health care reform path taken by the Green Mountain Care Board and by Vermont will be coordinated with the requirements of the federal Affordable Care Act but will be independent of, and more comprehensive than, federal health care reform.      

The Green Mountain Care Board is empowered by statute to:

Improve the health of Vermonters
Reduce the rate of growth of Vermont’s health care costs         
Enhance the quality of care and experience of patients and providers
Recruit high-quality health care professionals to practice in Vermont
Simplify and streamline administrative and claims processes to reduce overhead and enhance efficiency

To achieve these goals, the Board’s overall health care priorities will focus upon: 

  • Overseeing a new health care payment and delivery system designed to improve quality of care and reduce costs
  • Reviewing and approving BISHCA recommendations for new insurance rates, hospital budgets and major capital expenditures by health care providers  
  • Approving benefit plans for Vermont’s health care exchange
  • Developing programs to assess and enhance quality and safety in the health care system
  • Approving a plan for  an information technology system to Vermont’s evolving health care system

With respect to Green Mountain Care, the Board will:

  • Define the Green Mountain Care benefit package
  • Recommend to the Legislature a three-year Green Mountain Care budget that will be Vermont’s universal health care budget
  • Annually report to the Legislature on progress in achieving Green Mountain Care goals

In the years ahead, the Board will work closely with the Agency of Administration and other state agencies, the Legislature and interested parties outside of State government to carry out its unique mission. The Green Mountain Care Board has five members, chosen by the Governor, who will serve fixed terms of at least three years:

  Members of the Board:   


The Board’s offices are located at 89 Main Street in Montpelier, 802-828-2177 Email:



The Green Mountain Care Board will hold regular meetings and other meetings open to the public.