Hospital Budget Review

Vermont’s hospital budgets, which have been subject to state review since 1983, have been regulated by the Green Mountain Care Board (GMCB) since hospital fiscal year 2013, which began in October, 2012. The GMCB’s review is guided by Hospital Budget Rule 3.000  and by the Board's policies on net patient revenue, community needs assessments, physician transfers, and enforcement.






Summary of approaved FY15 budgets

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FY 2016 Budget Information

Hospital Budget Narratives, Analyses and Responses to Questions

Health Care Advocate Comments

Hospital Budget Hearing Calendar

Hospital Budget Reporting Requirements


FY 2015 Budget Information

Hospital Budget Narratives and Responses to Questions

Fiscal Year 2015 Hospital Budget Analyses


FY 2014 Actual Information

Summary of FY 14 Actuals


FY 2014-2015 Hospital Efficiency Plans


Hospital Budget Review Guide



For more information on hospital budget review contact Lori Perry, , Janeen Morrison,, or Mike Davis,