Legislative Reports

The Green Mountain Care Board is mandated by Vermont law to submit various reports to the Legislature. Below are the reports that have been submitted.


GMCB All-Payer ACO Model Update to Legislature (06/15/2017)

GMCB Annual Reports

Annual Billback Reports

Act 54 (2015) & Act 143 (2016) - Provider Reimbursement Reports

Act 112 Measure Alignment Report, dated January 10, 2017

Act 113 Section 6 Legislative ACO Oversight Rule Update, posted January 19, 2017

Act 113 Section 14 Multi-Year Budget Memo for Review, posted January 19, 2017

Act 113 Section 16, posted January 19, 2017

Report on the Total Amount of All Expenses Eligible for Allocation and the Total Amount Actually Billed Back to Regulated Entities during State Fiscal Year 2016

Drug List Per Act 165, posted August 30, 2016

Act 54 of 2015, Section 28 - Report of Analysis of Howard Center's Budget, dated January 29, 2016

Act 54 of 2015, Section 15 - Report on the Impact of Expanding Vermont Health Connect to Include Large Group Employers

Report on the Green Mountain Care Board's Findings Regarding Any "Stranded Dollars" in the Fiscal Year 2016 Budgets Proposed by Vermont Hospitals

Consumer Information and Price Transparency Report

2013 Expenditure Analysis 

Report Regarding the Green Mountain Care Board's Study of Fees for Copies of Electronic Medical Records

Link to FY14 Budget Request Documents

How Hospital and Health Insurers Finance Regulatory Activities

Report Regarding the Costs of Health Services Provided to Undocumented Immigrants

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