Public Comment

The Green Mountain Care Board encourages Vermonters to comment on health system reform.


All public comments received by the Green Mountain Care Board are “public records” under Vermont law.  Absent a specific exemption, any member of the public may access public records by submitting a public records request.  The Board will post public comment to rate review filings on its website, unless, in its discretion, it finds the comment inappropriate or that the comment contains confidential information, which may be redacted.  Please contact the Board’s general counsel Mike Donofrio at if you have any questions.


Here's how to comment:

1. You can always comment by filling out our Comment Form.

2. Sometimes there is an official comment period on a specific topic which will be listed on this page under Special Public Comment Period.

3. If you're looking for a specific GMCB open docket for the insurance rate review process or comment, go to our Rate Review page.

4. If you're looking for a specific GMCB Certificate of Need document, to our Certificate of Need page.


Special Public Comment Period

There is no special comment period at this time.








Questions?  Call 802.828-2177 or e-mail