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Letters of Intent

The following Letters of Intent have been received, and are pending jurisdictional determination by the Board:

GMCB-012-21con: PATH at Stone Summit, Expansion of Therapeutic Community Residence

GMCB-009-18con: An Independent Birth Center in Southern Vermont


Persons requesting information about a proposed project may contact: Donna Jerry at the Green Mountain Care Board, 144 State St., Montpelier, VT 05602. Telephone: 802-828-2177.


*If jurisidiction is asserted, and until an application is received by the applicant, you may find additional information under the "Jurisdiction Asserted" sublink. If jurisdiction is not asserted, you may find information under the "No Jurisdiction Asserted" sublink.

If you wish to inquire about additional information regarding any CON project, please contact Donna Jerry or call 1-802-828-2177.