ACO Certification and Budget Review

In 2016, the Green Mountain Care Board was given the authority to develop rules and standards to regulate Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) through Vermont’s Act 113: ‘An act relating to implementing an all-payer model and oversight of accountable care organizations.’ The GMCB has adopted, Rule 5.000: Oversight of Accountable Care Organizations, which establishes standards and processes the GMCB will use to certify ACOs and annually review, modify, and approve their budgets, and mechanisms by which the GMCB will monitor and oversee the activities performance of ACOs.

2019 ACO Budget Submissions and Certification Validation

OneCare Vermont's 2019 ACO Certification 

OneCare Vermont's 2019 Budget Submission

2019 ACO Budget Information 

2018 ACO Budget Information 


Medicaid Advisory Rate Case - OneCare Vermont 

Medicare ACO Agreement - OneCare Vermont

Rule 5.000: Oversight of Accountable Care Organizations


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