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Public Comment

Public Comment & Public Record Information

Public Comments are Public Records: All public comments received by the Green Mountain Care Board, whether posted to the Board’s website or sent only to Board members/staff, are “public records” under Vermont law.  This means that, absent a specific exemption under state law, any member of the public may access the Board’s public comments by submitting a public records request. 

Posting of Public Comments: The Board will not post public comments on its website where it determines, in its discretion, that the comment contains inappropriate or offensive language.

Please contact Kristen LaJeunesse if you have any questions regarding public comments.

How to Submit a Public Comment

You may submit a comment to the Board at any time or during a special comment period by filling out our Public Comment Form

Ongoing Special Comment Periods

Please submit your public comment before the deadline of the special comment period in order for the comment to be posted online and considered by the Board. Comments submitted after the deadline may not be posted online but will always be forwarded to the Board and may be considered by the Board (time permitting) for the specific topic.

  • On Wednesday, February 1, 2023, the Department of Vermont Health Access will present their proposal for the plan design for 2024 Standard Qualified Health Plan. Public comment will open on Tuesday, January 31st through February 7, 2023. The Board is expected to vote on the proposal on Wednesday, February 8, 2023. 

  • The Board has asked its advisory committees to provide written comment to inform a potential future All Payer Model Agreement with the State of Vermont (Governor, AHS, and GMCB) and CMS. The slides presented to the General Advisory Committee on February 8, 2021 can be seen here. The Board encourages the general public to comment on this information at any time so that feedback can be considered by the All-Payer Model Signatories: the Governor's Office, the Agency of Human Services, and the Green Mountain Care Board.



Previous Special Comment Periods 

Questions? Please call the Board at (802)-828-2177 or e-mail the Board