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Registration Information For Insurers

Registering with the State of Vermont - To be completed annually by December 31st.

See GMCB Rule 8.000: Data Submission for more information about registration and reporting requirements.

Register here: Onpoint Claims Data Manager.

Under Vermont laws and regulations, health insurers providing services to Vermont residents are required to register on an annual basis—by December 31st—with the State of Vermont. Agencies serving 200 or more Vermont resident members must also report claims in Vermont’s All-Payer Claims Database (APCD), called Vermont Health Care Uniform Reporting and Evaluation system, or VHCURES. Agencies serving fewer than 200 Vermont residents must register annually but are not required to report to VHCURES.

Currently both annual registration and VHCURES reporting occurs via Onpoint Health Data, GMCB’s contractor for VHCURES data collection, consolidation, and user support. Click the link below to access the State of Vermont Registration Forms in the Onpoint Claims Data Manager. If you are experiencing problems with the registration or need further information about the process, please contact Onpoint Health Data Systems at or by phone at 207-623-2555.


Additional Data Submission Information

  • Submission of eligibility and claims data is not required for non-resident members who receive covered services from Vermont health care providers or facilities. See Non-resident Reporting Exemption for more information.


General questions or inquiries related to VHCURES stewardship and governance can be sent to GMCB at