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OneCare Vermont FY23 Oversight (Budget, Certification, Monitoring/Reporting)

FY2023 Revised Budget

FY2023 Amended Budget Order

FY2023 Revised Budget Condition Reconsideration

Staff Recommendations and Analysis

FY2023 Revised Budget Submission and Hearing Materials

FY2023 OneCare Vermont Budget Resubmission (January 2023)

FY2023 OneCare Vermont Initial Budget

FY2023 Budget Order

Medicare Benchmark Base Experience

GMCB Staff Analysis and Recommendations 

Round Two Questions to OneCare Vermont (11/11/2022) 

FY2023 Budget Hearing Materials and Comment (11/9/2022)

Round One Questions to OneCare Vermont

FY2023 Submitted Budget Materials

GMCB staff also reviewed OneCare's Benchmarking Report

FY2023 Certification Eligibility Verification

FY2023 Monitoring/Reporting

FY2023 Budget Order Monitoring and Reporting

FY23 ROI Analysis

Medicare Benchmarking Reports

FPP and CPR Reports

Data Analytics Transition (4/14/23) 


    Additional public comments related to FY23 ACO Oversight can be found here.