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OneCare Vermont FY23 Materials

FY2023 ACO Budget 

FY2023 OCV Revised Budget (5-5-23)

FY2023 Budget Order (3/30/23) 

FY2023 Budget Order Monitoring and Reporting (Updated 6/1/23) 

FY2023 Data Analytics Transition (4/14/23) 

Memo from GMCB re: Benchmarking Report (2/27/23) 

Letter from GMCB Chair to OCV re: FY23 January Budget Re-Submission (2/9/23) 

BCBSVT Public Comment (2/2/2023) 

FY23 January 2023 Budget Re-Submission Materials (1/30/2023) 

GMCB Staff Recommendations and Board Meeting Presentation Materials (12-21-22) 

HCA Comment on GMCB Staff Recommendations for OneCare FY2023 Budget Submission (12-21-22) 

Letter from GMCB to OneCare re: Medicare Benchmark Base Experience (12-20-22) 

Response to information requested from GMCB following 12/19 Board Meeting (12/20/22) 

Letter to GMCB from OneCare Vermont Board of Managers (12/16/22) 

GMCB Staff Recommendations 

Letter to GMCB from OneCare Vermont (12/13/22) 

GMCB Staff Analysis and Preliminary Recommendations 

HCA Comment on FY2023 Budget Submission (11/29/22) 

Letter to GMCB from OneCare Board of Managers (11/16/22)

Round Two Questions to OneCare Vermont (11/11/2022) 

FY2023 Budget Hearing Materials (11/9/2022)

Round One Questions to OneCare Vermont (Updated 10/25/2022)

FY2023 Budget Materials (Updated: 11/9/22) 

OneCare FY2023 Budget Submission Documents - Submitted 9/30/2022

The GMCB has received and posted the ACO budget submission as received on 9/30/2022 and is reviewing the ACO's confidentiality request.

Budget Submission Documents in PDF and Excel: 

GMCB staff also reviewed OneCare's FY22 Benchmarking Report, submitted on 10/31/22 as part of OneCare's FY22 budget order monitoring and reporting submission.

OneCare's FY23 Budget Hearing will be held on Wednesday, November 9, 2022 via Microsoft Teams. More information can be found here

FY2023 Certification Eligibility Verification

This page will continue to be updated with submissions from OneCare Vermont for Fiscal Year 2023. To view the FY23 Guidance Information, visit the 2023 ACO Oversight Page. To view OneCare's FY22 submissions, visit the 2022 ACO Oversight Page. 

2023 Certified ACO Guidance

2022 ACO Oversight