Registration for Third Party Administrators and Pharmacy Benefits Managers


Under Vermont laws and regulations, health insurers providing services to Vermont residents are required to register on an annual basis, by December 31st, with the State of Vermont. This requirement pertains to comprehensive major medical health benefit plans that may be insured or self-insured, Medicare Supplement, and Medicare Parts C and D. The instructions will guide registrants to the on-line registration form hosted by the State’s contractor Onpoint Health Data.

  • UPDATE: The March 1, 2016, U.S. Supreme Court decision Gobeille v. Liberty Mut. Ins. Co., 136 S. Ct. 936 (2016), affects the Green Mountain Care Board’s authority to mandate certain data reporting for the claims databases. The decision does not affect state TPA registration or licensing laws, including the Vermont TPA registration requirement.  TPA licensing and registration laws long precede the development of APCDs and the registration requirements were not examined by the Court in Gobeille; the Gobeille decision does not pertain to the licensing or registration requirements imposed by more than 40 states.  In Vermont, “[a]ny person or entity that provides third party administration services, a third party administrator or ‘TPA’ . . . , shall register . . ., both before doing business in Vermont and on an annual basis prior to December 31 thereafter.”  Regulation H-2008-01, § 3(B).  All TPAs that conduct business in Vermont must continue to register with the GMCB and must renew that registration on an annual basis. 

    --March 31, 2016

Registered Entities Lists

Pharmacy Benefit Managers,   April 4, 2017

Third Party Administrators,    April 4, 2017

Health Care Insurance Carriers, April 4, 2017

Health Care Claims Tax

Health insurers, third party administrators (TPA), and pharmacy benefit managers (PBM) providing services to Vermont residents are required to pay the Health Care Claims Tax to the Vermont Department of Taxes. The Annual Paid Claims and Enrollment Report (APCER) created from data collected by Health Insurers in the Vermont Health Care Uniform VHCURES provides the most current fiscal year paid claims data available. Insurers subject to the Health Care Claims Tax who are not submitting data to VHCURES are required to self-report their annual paid claims amount to the Vermont Department of Taxes. For additional information, contact:

Sharon Asay
Director of Taxpayer Services
Vermont Department of Taxes
Phone: 802-828-6808

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