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Vermont Health Care Uniform Reporting and Evaluation System - VHCURES

GMCB's Data Governance Council has revised the Reporting Manual for Vermont's All-Payer Claims Database known as VHCURES.

The new manual took effect on 2/1/2023 and can be accessed here: VHCURES Reporting Manual: Necessary Data and Reporting Schedule.


VHCURES is Vermont’s All-Payer claims database (APCD). APCDs regularly collect medical and pharmacy claims data and eligibility data, from both private and public payers. These comprehensive, longitudinal, multi-payer datasets are now providing unprecedented research and policy opportunities for improving the health care delivery system. The VHCURES database contains medical and pharmacy claims and demographic information for 60 percent of commercially insured Vermonters and 100 percent of Medicaid and Medicare enrollees, allowing for population-based analyses of health care system performance. Through data use agreements, VHCURES data is utilized by state agencies, state and federal contractors, and academic researchers to support analysis of health care access, spending, utilization, and quality. The GMCB, with the input of stakeholders and analysts, continuously work on both improving the quality of the information contained in the database and on ensuring that there is appropriate access to the information by authorized users of the database. Click here for example analytic reports using VHCURES data.


APCD Snapshot (Prepared by Onpoint Health Data)

VHCURES Capabilities

VHCURES Data Reporting Manual

VHCURES Overview

VHCURES User Support

VHCURES Data Submission Guide (Version 2.2)


MOU Between GMCB and DVHA for Medicaid Use and Disclosure18 V.S.A. § 9410 (external site)

CMS Medicare Data Use Agreement with GMCB (external site)

APCD Council (external site)

APCD Showcase (external site)

VHCURES Strategic Plan


VHCURES Research File Specification - Schedule of Available Elements

This publicly accessible document lists the elements that are present in VHCURES and may available under an executed Data Use Agreement. A more detailed Data Dictionary is available for authorized users with a current Data Use Agreement.

VHCURES Research File Specification - Schedule of Available Elements


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