Data Analysis and Reporting

Research and Reporting Priorities 2020-2021

GMCB's analytic team strives to provide high quality and timely information to support the Board, its staff, and the public, balancing the wide variety of questions that these data could answer with a deep focus to support the Board's regulatory duties.

GMCB Research and Reporting Priorities 2020-2021
GMCB Data Analytic Plan Recommendations (produced in 2012)


Public Reports

GMCB produces public reports that provide statistics describing aspects of the Vermont health care system. VHCURES is the primary source for these analyses, and therefore only data submitted to VHCURES is included.

Enrollment Trend Report

This enrollment trend report provides a variety of enrollment snapshots, including statewide enrollment by payer, statewide enrollment by age category, and enrollment by payer by product type and age category.

All Payer Total Cost of Care - Tableau Public Interactive Visualization

Background and Methodology

Data for Download

OneCare Vermont ACO Network Provider Participation - Interactive Viz

Data for Download

Expenditure Analysis

This Expenditure Analysis workbook contains GMCB's Resident Expenditure Analysis visualizations and downloadable data for years 2014 through 2018


Vermont Hospital System Financial Report - Interactive Visualization 

Statistics and Measures 

Summary Briefs

These summary briefs describe GMCB analytic projects underway or planned for the future, including background information on the research question, explanations of key data points, details about our methodology, and results where applicable.

Price Variation

Other Reports Using VHCURES

Through data use agreements, VHCURES data is being utilized by state agencies, state contractors and academic researchers to support analysis of health care access, spending, utilization, and quality. The following reports used VHCURES as a primary data source. 

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