Analytic Reports

Expenditure Analysis

This Expenditure Analysis workbook contains GMCB's Resident Expenditure Analysis visualizations and downloadable data for years 2012 through 2016


Enrollment Trend Report

This enrollment trend report provides a variety of enrollment snapshots, including statewide enrollment by payer, statewide enrollment by age category, and enrollment by payer by product type and age category.


Other Reports Using VHCURES

Through data use agreements, VHCURES data is being utilized by state agencies, state contractors and academic researchers to support analysis of health care access, spending, utilization, and quality. The following reports used VHCURES as a primary data source. 

Vermont Health Service Area (HSA) Profile Reports
Blueprint for Health Annual Reports
Evaluating Health Care Delivery Reform Initiatives in the Face of ‘‘Cost Disease’’
2007–2011 Vermont Health Care Cost and Utilization Report by the Health Care Cost Institute
Tracking Spending Among Commercially Insured Beneficiaries Using a Distributed Data Model
The Dartmouth Atlas of Children’s Healthcare in New England
Price Variation Analysis
Vermont Health Systems Payment Variation Report
PCSA Spatial Analysis
Tri-State Variation in Health Services Utilization & Expenditures in Northern New England
GMCB Analytic Plan
Presentation: Analysis in Support of Health Care Reform
Health Care Reform Analysis Summary
Presentation: Vermont Health Spending Growth Drivers Commercial and Medicaid, 2008-2012


VHCURES Data Dictionary

The Data Dictionary defines the schema data tables and elements that are present in VHCURES. Not all tables and elements may be available based on the Data Use Agreement.

VHCURES Data Dictionary V4.17

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