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Vermont's All-Payer Model

Vermont’s All-Payer Model is changing the way health care is delivered and paid for, with the goal of keeping the state’s health care spending in check and improving the quality of care Vermonters receive. It gives health care providers the flexibility to provide services like telehealth, group visits, and coordination with fellow providers that were previously not billable. And it holds insurers and providers jointly accountable for the quality and cost of care they provide to Vermonters. The Model pays for care based on value not volume, driving improved outcomes and enhancing the quality of care. It encourages increased communication and coordination between health care providers, especially those who are caring for the sickest or highest-risk patients. It helps ensure Vermonters are connected to the right care, at the right place, at the right time. And by shifting the focus to preventive care, the Model helps patients catch and treat small health problems before they turn into big issues.

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