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About GMCB

The Green Mountain Care Board (GMCB) is an independent five-member Board whose members are appointed by the Governor for six-year terms. The Board was created by the Vermont Legislature in 2011 through Act 48, Vermont’s landmark health reform legislation. 

The GMCB is helping improve health care for Vermonters through our three core duties:

  1. Advance innovation in health care payment and delivery
  2. Serve as a transparent source of information and analysis on health system performance
  3. Regulate major areas of Vermont’s health care system

More detailed information about the Board's purpose can be found in statute (18 V.S.A. § 9372). Per statute, the GMCB has many specific duties that support this purpose, such as:

The overarching theme of our work is improving access, affordability, and quality of health care to improve the health of Vermonters, and we believe that the path to achieving this goal is through improving the sustainability and equity of our health care system. While there is much work left to do, the GMCB is also proud of what we have accomplished over the last decade.

Across our work, the GMCB is guided by our core values:

  • Independent 
  • Transparent
  • Data-Driven
  • Holistic 
  • Collaborative
  • Accountable

Throughout all of the Board's work, the Board consistently works closely with Vermont health care providers and health care consumers to enhance health system transparency and consumer involvement. 

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