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Staff Directory

You may contact staff via email or by calling the Green Mountain Care Board at (802) 828-2177. 

Owen Foster, J.D., Chair 

Jessica A. Holmes, Ph.D., Board Member

Robin Lunge, J.D., MHCDS, Board Member

Thom Walsh, Ph.D., MS, MSPT, Board Member

David Murman, M.D., Board Member

Susan Barrett, J.D., Executive Director

Kristen LaJeunesse, Executive Assistant

Michael Barber, General Counsel  

Geoffrey Battista, Associate Director of Health Systems Finance

Laura Beliveau, Staff Attorney

Alena Berube, Strategic Advisor on Health Policy and Finance

Julia Boles, Senior Health Policy Analyst

Tyler Bradley, Financial Administrator

Jennifer DaPolito, Health Policy Analyst 

Michele Degree, Health Policy Project Director

Veronica Fialkowski, Director of Data Management Analysis and Data Integrity

Lindsay Kill, Data Analytics and Information Chief

Donna Jerry, Vermont Health Care Senior Administrator

Sarah Kinsler, Director of Health Systems Policy

Sarah Lindberg, Director of Health Systems Finances

Jessica Lindle, Health Care Data and Statistical Analyst

Russ McCracken, Staff Attorney

Christina McLaughlin, Health Policy Advisor

Marisa Melamed, Associate Director of Health Systems Policy

Jessica Mendizabal, Director of Data Management Analysis and Data Integrity

Kathryn O'Neill, Director of Health Systems Data and Analytics

Flora Pagan, Health Systems Finance Principal Analyst

Michelle Sawyer, Health Policy Project Director

Jean Stetter, Administrative Services Director

Matthew Sutter, Health Systems Finance Principal Analyst

(vacant), Health Care Data and Statistics Analyst

(vacant), Administrative Services Coordinator