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Health Resource Allocation Plan

What is the Health Resource Allocation Plan?

Vermont statute 18 V.S.A. § 9405 requires the Green Mountain Care Board to identify “Vermont’s critical health needs, goods, services and resources, which shall be used to inform the Board’s regulatory processes, cost containment and statewide quality of care efforts, health care payment and delivery reform initiatives, and any allocation of health resources in the State. The Plan shall identify Vermont residents’ needs for health care services, programs, and facilities; the resources available and the additional resources that would be required to realistically meet those needs and to make access to those services, programs, and facilities affordable for consumers; and the priorities for addressing those needs on a statewide basis.” 

Why does it matter?

Resource planning helps support the Board’s regulatory work in the areas of Certificate of Need, Hospital Budget review and Accountable Care Organization oversight. 

GMCB and partners are in the process of revisioning the plan from the most recent format, last issued in 2009.

Public Interactive Reports:

  • Patient Migration- a look at where patients are travelling to for care based on hospital service area.
  • Patient Origin- shows changes to inpatient and outpatient markets for all hospitals subject to GMCB Hospital Budget Review.
  • Primary Care Access -
    • Geographic allocation of primary care resources within the state and measures that reflect health care access. 
    • Presentation of measures that can determine health care access by hospital service area. 

Please contact Jessica Mendizabal at (802) 828-2177 with questions or recommendations for the HRAP pages.