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Community Needs and Assessment

Statewide Assessments and Planning

The Vermont All-Payer Accountable Care Organization (ACO) Model is the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ (CMS) new test of an alternative payment model in which the most significant payers throughout the entire state – Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial health care payers – incentivize health care value and quality, with a focus on health outcomes, under the same payment structure for the majority of providers throughout the state’s care delivery system and transform health care for the entire state and its population.

All-Payer Model goals linking the health care delivery system to population health improvement and public health:

1) Increase access to primary care

2) Reduce deaths due to suicide and drug overdose

3) Reduce the prevalence and morbidity of chronic disease

Community Needs and Assessments 

Social Vulnerability Index 

A planning tool to evaluate the relative social vulnerability across the state. It can be used if there is a disease outbreak or in the event of an emergency - either natural or human-caused - to identify populations that may need more help.