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The GMCB was created by the Vermont Legislature in 2011.  It is an independent group of five Vermonters who, with their staff, are charged with ensuring that changes in the health system improve quality while stabilizing costs. 

Nominated by a broad-based committee and appointed by the Governor, the Board includes:

Kevin Mullin, ChairPortrail of Chair Mullin

The Chair of the Green Mountain Care board is tasked with directing the board’s charge of curbing health care cost growth and reforming the way health care is provided to Vermonters. 

Kevin Mullin spent the majority of his career as a small business owner. He is a graduate of Castleton University with a degree in Finance, and has taught at the Community College of Vermont and served on numerous community and professional boards. He served nineteen years in the Vermont Legislature including four years in the House and fifteen years in the Senate, where he served on committees including as Chair of the Senate Education and Senate Economic Development, Housing, and General Affairs Committees. As a member of the Senate Health and Welfare Committee, he helped to write both Catamount Health and Green Mountain Care legislation. He has a deep commitment to improving the lives of Vermonters by improving health care quality and controlling health care spending. Reappointed by Governor Phil Scott for a term beginning August 17, 2018 and ending on February 29, 2024.


Jessica Holmes, Ph.D. 

Portrait of Jessica Holmes

Jessica Holmes is a Professor of Economics at Middlebury College. Her teaching portfolio includes courses in microeconomics, health economics, the economics of social issues and the economics of sin. She has published several articles in areas such as philanthropy, economic development, health economics, labor economics and pedagogy. Prior to joining the Middlebury faculty, she worked as a litigation consultant for National Economic Research Associates, conducting economic analyses for companies facing lawsuits involving securities fraud, product liability, and intellectual property. Jessica received her undergraduate degree from Colgate University and her PhD in Economics from Yale University. She is a past Trustee of Porter Medical Center, having served as Board Secretary and Co-chair of the Strategy Committee. Jessica lives in Cornwall. Appointed by Governor Peter Shumlin for a term beginning on October 8, 2014, and ending on September 30, 2020. Reappointed by Governor Phil Scott for a second term ending in 2026.



Robin Lunge, J.D., MHCDS Portrait of Robin Lunge

Robin J. Lunge, JD, MHCDS, was appointed to the Board in November 2016. Prior to joining the Board, Robin served for almost six years as the State’s Director of Health Care Reform for Governor Peter Shumlin’s administration. Her past experience includes working as a nonpartisan staff attorney at Vermont Legislative Council, where she drafted legislation and provided support to members of the Vermont Legislature relating to health and human services matters, and at the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities in Washington D.C. as a senior policy analyst on public benefits issues. Robin’s areas of expertise are federal and state public benefit programs, health care, and health care reform. Robin holds a B.A. from the University of California Santa Cruz, a J.D. from Cornell Law School, and a Masters of Health Care Delivery Science from Dartmouth College. Appointed by Governor Peter Shumlin for a term beginning on November 28, 2016, and ending on November 27, 2022.


Tom Pelham

Tom Pelham served as Deputy Secretary of Administration and Tax Commissioner under Governor Jim Douglas, and as Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner of Finance and Management under Governor Howard Dean. As Finance Commissioner during the creation and enactment of the Vermont Health Access Plan (VHAP), Pelham was responsible for creating the fiscal capacity to expand health insurance to Vermonters while ensuring overall statewide budgetary sustainability. He also served as Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner of Housing and Community Affairs under Governors Madeleine Kunin and Richard Snelling. In 2002, Pelham was elected as an Independent to serve Vermont’s Washington 6 District in the House of Representatives. While serving on the House Appropriations Committee, he helped restructure Vermont’s Medicaid health care premium and co-pay system to better align with recipients’ incomes and ability to pay. Pelham is a native Vermonter from Arlington and now resides in Berlin. He earned his B.A. from Tufts University and his M.A. from Harvard University. Appointed by Governor Phil Scott for a term commencing November 3, 2017 and ending- September 30, 2023.



Susan J. Barrett, J.D., Executive Director

Portrait of Susan J. Barrett

Susan J. Barrett, an attorney, was formerly Director of Public Policy in Vermont for the Bi-State Primary Care Association. She joined Bi- State in 2011 after nearly 20 years in the pharmaceutical industry with Novartis, Merck, and Wyeth. Susan’s health care experience also includes pro bono legal work and an internship with Health Law Advocates (HLA), a non-profit public interest law firm in Massachusetts. She is a graduate of New England Law Boston and Regis College. She lives in Norwich.