Data Governance and Stewardship Program

The GMCB is the steward of VHCURES and several other data resources. In this role, the GMCB is responsible for a broad set of data management concerns. While not intended as an all-encompassing inventory, these concerns can generally be attributed to the following four categories:

Data Quality and Utility—Establishing data stewardship practices to monitor the quality and utility of VHCURES and other data resources

Risk Management—Implementing best practices with regards to protection of privacy and data security

Finance and Program Sustainability—Ensuring the financial sustainability of VHCURES, VUHDDS and other data resources by evaluating program expenses, developing new use cases for the data of interest to stakeholders and data users, and identifying and leveraging new sources of revenue

Data Use and Disclosure—Implementing clear and consistent processes evaluating requests for data use and disclosure from Vermont State Agencies and Non-State Entities and monitoring authorized data use and disclosure


Data Governance Council


The Data Governance Council is composed of seven voting members. The Council meets approximately every other month in an open, public meeting.  Meetings are announced on the Board’s calendar of events and meeting information for the Data Governance Council is publicly available.


DRAFT Data Governance Rules


Currently Active Data Use Agreements (DUAs)

  • University of Vermont College of Medicine: Health Services Analysis Using VHCURES

UVM DUAUVM Application

  • Vermont Department of Health: Public Health Analyses of Medical Claims Database    

VDH DUA,    VDH Application

  • RTI International: State Innovation Models (SIM) Evaluation    

RTI SIM Evaluation DUA,    RTI SIM Evaluation Application

  • RTI International:Treatment and Outcomes for Patients with Opioid Use Disorder After Cessation of Opioid Prescriptions    

RTI Opioid Study DUA,    RTI Opioid Study Application

  • Department of Vermont Health Access: Analysis and Evaluation of Programs, Procedures, Benefits, and Payment Structures

DVHA DUA,    DVHA Application

  • Vermont Department of Disabilities, Aging and Independent Living: All Health Care Payer of Health Care Services Analyses

DAIL DUA,    DAIL Application

Applications for Data Use Agreements (DUAs) Pending Approval


None at this time.



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