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Public Use File Agreement for Vermont Health Care Uniform Reporting and Evaluation System (VHCURES) Data Set

Data Steward: Green Mountain Care Board, 144 State Street, Montpelier, VT 05602

The Vermont Health Care Uniform Reporting and Evaluation System – VHCURES Public Use File (VHCURES-PUF) is prepared and maintained by Onpoint to support the study of health and health services in manners that serve the public interest and benefit Vermonters. As the steward of the VCHURES database and the VCHURES-PUF, the Green Mountain Care Board (GMCB) maintains data release requirements for data use and disclosure that are designed to balance data protection and privacy with data access. The VCHURES-PUF should be used to aid in evidence-based decision-making to plan and improve health service delivery, evaluate health care interventions and systems, and inform health policy decisions. Any uses that are inconsistent with these objectives are prohibited.


If I am granted access to the VHCURES-PUF, I AGREE TO:

  1. Use the data in the VHCURES-PUF for statistical analysis and reporting.
  2. Implement and maintain data security and privacy policies, procedures and associated physical, technical and administrative safeguards to prevent the inappropriate use or disclosure of individual(s) represented in the data, including when sharing information from and derivative works based on the VHCURES-PUF with others.
  3. Prohibited uses – I AGREE THAT I WILL NOT:
    1. Attempt to identify an individual patient or provider in the VHCURES-PUF;
    2. Disclose the identity of any individual(s) discovered inadvertently;
    3. Allow anyone other than the Requestor identified in this Agreement to access the VHCURES-PUF or the data contained therein;
    4. Use the data in the VHCURES-PUF for any purpose other than the purpose I identified in my request;
    5. Use the VHCURES-PUF for any purposes that are inconsistent with the intended uses set forth in introductory paragraph of this Agreement;
    6. Make any effort to determine identifying information about any reported case in the VHCURES-PUF;
    7. Link the VHCURES-PUF with any other data sets or databases;
    8. Use the VHCURES-PUF at any other location than that specified in the Organization Name and Address field in this agreement;
    9. Rent, lease, lend, sell, transmit, or otherwise distribute or dispose of the VHCURES-PUF temporarily or permanently without written consent of GMCB;
    10. Create or permit third parties to create derivative works based on the VHCURES-PUF; or
    11. Sell derivative works based on the VHCURES-PUF.
Note: Sharing these files with persons outside of the requesting organization is prohibited per the above terms of use.
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