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FY24 Medicare-Only ACOs

FY24 Medicare-Only ACOs Budget Review

Medicare-Only ACOs operating in Vermont are subject to the Board’s oversight of ACOs under 18 V.S.A. § 9382 and GMCB Rule 5.000. As a Medicare-Only ACO, these ACOs are not subject to the certification requirement but is subject to annual budget review and approval.

Medicare-Only updated financials

Medicare-Only Budget Orders

Medicare-Only Budget Potential Vote

Medicare-Only Staff Analysis and Recommendations

Lore Health

Vytalize Health 9

Vytalize Health 9 is a Medicare-Only ACO whose network is expanding into Vermont for FY24. The ACO had submitted a request that the Board waive portions of Rule 5.000 regarding oversight of their budget, however this request has been rescinded.

Medicare-Only ACO Guidance