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FY 2021 Actual

Vermont Hospital Year End Actuals Reports

Individual Hospital Documents

Hospital Budget Quarterly Reporting

The embedded quarterly reports offer a high-level review of the financial activity of Vermont’s 14 community hospitals. The reports are broken down into system, hospital designation (Critical Access Hospital (CAH) and Prospective Payment System (PPS)), and individual hospital perspectives.  Please note that variance from budget to actual results can shift based on the methodology used by an individual hospital when comparing budget activity vs. actual activity for the quarterly periods. Some hospitals budget for seasonality and others budget in equal monthly installments. The fiscal year (FY) of Vermont’s hospitals begins on October 1st and ends on September 30th of the following year.

Hospital Budget Quarterly Report: Q1 2021
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Hospital Budget Quarterly Report: Q2 2021
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Hospital Budget Quarterly Report: Q3 2021
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Data for Download

Q1-Q3 2021 Hospital Actuals - Data

Q1-Q3 2021 Hospital Budget - Data

Disclaimer:  The embedded reports capture completed fiscal quarters and represent quarterly financial activity of Vermont’s 14 community hospitals.  Fiscal quarters for Vermont’s community hospitals are as follows: Q1: October 1- December 31; Q2: January 1- March 31; Q3: April 1- June 30; Q4: July 1-September 30.  Each fiscal quarterly report represents a point in time, and is complete in the sense that, as of reporting to the GMCB, the financial periods encompassing the fiscal quarter were closed.  The figures reported herein have not been audited and therefore, are subject to change.  These reports are meant to be a high-level review of the financial progress for Vermont’s community hospitals and are not meant to be an in-depth analysis of the reported results.