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Withdrawn Letters of Intent and CON Applications

The Divided Sky Foundation and Ascension Recovery Services, Develop a 40-Bed Residential SUD Treatment Facility in Ludlow


GMCB-002-20con: Woodside Emergency Hospital - Project was withdrawn on 4/15/2020

Acadia Healthcare


Purchase of Starr Nursing Farm


Birchwood Terrace


Purchase of Maple Lane, Union House, Pines

Proposed purchase of three nursing homes (Docket No. GMCB-006-16con)

Purchase of Newport Health Center

Proposal to purchase the operations and real estate of Newport Health Care Center (Docket No. GMCB-005-16con)

Turn Center

Outpatient Therapy Program, GMCB-003-15con

Proposed Purchase of Newport Health Care Center and Newport Residential Care Center in Newport

Docket No. GMCB-003-013con

If you wish to inquire about additional information regarding the above applications, please contact  Donna Jerry or call 1-802-828-2177