Staff Directory

You may contact staff via email or by calling the Green Mountain Care Board at (802) 828-2177. 

Kevin Mullin, Board Chair

Jessica A. Holmes, Ph.D., Board Member

Robin Lunge, JD, MHCDS, Board Member

Maureen Usifer, Board Member

Tom Pelham, Board Member

Susan Barrett, JD, Executive Director

Jean Stetter, Administrative Services Director

Amerin Aborjaily, Staff Attorney  

Michael Barber, Chief of Health Policy 

Lynn A. Combs, Esq., Staff Attorney 

Thomas Crompton, Health Systems Finance Associate Director

David Glavin, Data & Reporting Coordinator

Judy Henkin, Esq.,  General Counsel

Agatha Kessler, Health Policy Director

Donna Jerry, Senior Health Policy Analyst

Pat Jones, Director of Health Systems Finance

Ekua Kotoka, Healthcare Statistical Analyst

Sarah Kinsler, Health Care Project Director 

Michele Degree, Health Policy Advisor

Sarah Lindberg, Health Services Researcher

Jessica Mendizabal, Director of Data Management Analysis and Data Integrity

Christina McLaughlin, Executive Assistant to the Chair

Marisa Melamed, Health Policy Advisor

Melissa Miles, Health Policy Project Director

Janeen Morrison, Financial Administrator

Kathryn O'Neill, Director of Data Management Analysis and Data Integrity

Lori Perry, Senior Healthcare Financial Systems Analyst 

Robert Stirewalt, Health Policy Advisor 

Kelly Theroux, Healthcare Financial Systems Analyst


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