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2021 ACO Oversight

FY 2021 Budget Order Monitoring and Reporting

FY 2021 ACO Budget Materials

FY21 Revised Budget Submission (5/24/21)

FY21 Q1 Extension Letter, GMCB to OCV (3/24/21)

FY21 ACO Budget Order (1/15/21)

Letter from AHS, re: Blueprint for Health Funding (12/22/20)

Round Two Questions to OneCare Vermont (12/11/20)

OneCare Vermont 2021 Budget Hearing Transcript (10/28/20)

OneCare Vermont ACO FY 2021 Budget - GMCB Staff Introduction (10/28/20)

OneCare Vermont 2021 Budget Presentation (10/28/20)

Round One Questions to OneCare Vermont (10/26/20)

OneCare FY2021 Budget Submission Documents - submitted 10/1/2020 (Note: Redactions appear in the budget documents where confidentiality has been requested by the ACO. The GMCB is currently reviewing the confidentiality request.)

The following documents are included in the link above:

  • OneCare FY2021 ACO Budget Narrative with redactions
  • OneCare FY2021 CEO and Chair Oaths
  • Section 2 Attachment A - OneCare Provider Agreements
  • Section 3 Appendix 3.1 Scale Target Initiatives with Appendices A&B with redactions
  • FY2021 ACO Budget Workbook with redactions

FY 2021 ACO Budget Guidance Document (7/1/20)

FY 2021 ACO Budget Guidance Appendicies (7/1/20)

Written Public Comment Received

FY 2021 Certification Eligibility

Memo re: 2021 Certification Eligibility Verification for OneCare Vermont (2/9/21)

2021 Certification Eligibility Verification Form Submission (9/1/20)

2021 Certification Eligibility Verification Form for OneCare Vermont Accountable Care Organization, LLC (6/3/20)