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2020 ACO Oversight

FY 2020 Budget Order Monitoring and Reporting

FY 2020 ACO Budget Materials

FY 2020 Revised Budget (7/27/20)

FY 2020 Budget Order Amendment (4/6/20)

Letter from OneCare Vermont Re: 2020 Budget Orders (3/26/20)

FY2020 Budget Order (2/4/20)

GMCB Questions for OneCare Vermont (11/12/19)

Transcript from ACO Budget Hearing (10/30/19)

GMCB and Health Care Advocate Questions for OneCare Vermont (10/14/19)

FY2020 OneCare Vermont ACO Budget Submission (10/1/19)

2018 Quality Measure Scorecards

FY20 Budget Submission - OCV Salary Table

FY 2020 ACO Budget Guidance Document - Final (7/1/19)

GMCB Staff Presentation - FY2020 ACO Budget Guidance Recommendation (6/26/19)

FY2020 ACO Budget Guidance Document - staff recommendation (6/26/19)

GMCB Staff Presentation - FY2020 ACO Budget Guidance (6/5/19)

FY2020 ACO Budget Guidance Document (6/5/19 - under review)

FY2020 ACO Budget Guidance Appendices (6/25/19 - updated)

Written Public Comment Received:

FY 2020 Certification Eligibility

Memo re: 2020 Certification Eligibility Verification for OneCare Vermont (1/9/20)

OneCare Vermont Responses to GMCB (10/16/19)

2020 OneCare Vermont Certification Narrative with Appendices (9/3/19)

2020 Certification Eligibility Verification Form for OneCare Vermont Accountable Care Organization, LLC (6/25/19)