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VHCURES Data Release

VHCURES Public Reports

GMCB produces a variety of public reports that provide statistics describing the Vermont health care system. VHCURES is the primary source for these analyses, and therefore only data  submitted to VHCURES is included.

VHCURES Analytic Files

The GMCB developed a set of VHCURES Analytic Files designed to reduce the technical knowledge that users need in order to derive meaningful information from VHCURES, while preserving sufficient detail to allow for flexible and meaningful analysis. Previously, qualified users could access only the “full consolidated extract,” which requires significant technical ability to derive meaningful analysis. The Analytic Files will reduce barriers to effective and efficient use of VHCURES.


Full Consolidated Extract from the VHCURES Data Set

Data Release Process for Non-Vermont State Government Entities 

Currently Active VHCURES Data Use Agreements (DUAs)

  • University of Vermont College of Medicine: Health Services Analysis Using VHCURES

UVM DUA,   UVM DUA Renewal-Extension,   UVM Application,    Data Linkage Cancer Registry,     Data Linkage Vital Records

  • Vermont Department of Health: Public Health Analyses of Medical Claims Database    

VDH DUA,    VDH Application

  • Department of Vermont Health Access: Analysis and Evaluation of Programs, Procedures, Benefits, and Payment Structures

DVHA DUA,    DVHA Application,     Data Linkage DOC,     Data Linkage Medicaid ACO,     Data Linkage Clinical

  • Vermont Department of Disabilities, Aging and Independent Living: All Health Care Payer of Health Care Services Analyses

DAIL DUA,    DAIL Application

  • University of Vermont Medical Center, Trauma and Acute Care Surgery Department (VUHDDS Data Set)

UVMMC TACSD DUA,     UVMMC TACSD Application    

  • NORC: Evaluation of the Vermont All-Payer ACO Model

NORC DUA,     NORC Application

  • Office of the Vermont State Auditor: Examining the Impacts of Health Care Reform on Health Care Expenditures

Archway Health Advisors DUA,     Archway Application


Applications for Data Use Agreements Pending Approval

None at this time.



Non-Vermont State Government Agency Request for VHCURES Limited Use Data Set

All entities requesting VHCURES data that are not a Vermont State Government Agency are considered non-State entities. The following steps describe the process for a non-State entity requesting access to VHCURES.

Step 1: Complete and File an Initial Data Request

The first step in the process is to complete and file a VHCURES Data Request Form to GMCB will review the request, and if the request is deemed an appropriate use of VHCURES data, the requestor will be sent a full DUA application. Note: Entities other than Vermont State Government agencies shall not receive access to Medicare data under any circumstances.

Applicants are strongly encouraged to review all documents associated with data release to become more familiar with the GMCB release protocols and to be sure the applicant can agree to the requirements and limitations as described in GMCB’s Data Use Agreements. These resources can be found in the Resource library at

Questions related to the VHCURES data release process can be sent to GMCB’s data team at

Step 2: File an Application with All Necessary Supporting Documentation (as listed in the application).

If invited to complete a full DUA application, the applicant will complete and file a DUA application to The GMCB data stewardship program staff will review the application materials to determine whether the application is complete, meets the necessary requirements, and includes all required attachments and signatures. Staff may communicate with applicants to ensure that applications are complete and that responses are clearly stated. The length of this review depends on the complexity of the request and the sensitivity of the data sought. All filings pertaining to a DUA application are considered part of the public record.

Step 3: Agency Review

If the application is deemed complete and approved through initial review it will advance with a recommendation as to whether the data requested are the minimum necessary to achieve the proposed objectives and whether the risk of re-identification of individual patients has been minimized and appropriately balanced with project needs. The application will be routed through a DUA review and approval process that may involve the Department of Vermont Health Access (DVHA) if Medicaid data is requested. Medicaid requests may also require IRB review through the Vermont Agency of Human Services. DUA applications may also be reviewed by the GMCB Data Governance Council at a public meeting and routed through the Vermont Agency for Digital Services for their approval.

Step 4: Execute a Data Use Agreement

Once approval is given, the Data Use Agreement (DUA) with the GMCB is prepared and routed for signatures including GMCB, other Vermont State agencies involved in contracting, and the applicant’s principal investigator and authorized user, as listed on the application. The GMCB does not accept comments or revisions to its data use agreements. The DUA start date is the date the final signature on the DUA is obtained.

Step 5: Data Released

Upon execution of the DUA, GMCB staff will notify its data aggregation vendor to request transmission of the authorized data or to activate access to the data enclave. Notice will be sent to the Principal Investigator and/or the data transmission representative as listed on the DUA application.

DUA Application Process for a Non-State Entity (flow chart visual)