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Jurisdiction Asserted

Once the Board reviews a letter of intent and determines that it has jurisdiction over the proposed project, it will issue a jurisdictional letter that states that the project must undergo Certificate of Need review before it can proceed. GMCB has asserted jurisdiction over the following matters, and they are now pending receipt of a CON application:

GMCB-006-21con: Vermont Veterans' Home A-Wing Demolition and Rebuild Project

GMCB-005-21con: Vermont Veterans' Home Security and Access Control Project

GMCB-018-19con: Northern Lights Recovery Center, Development of Substance Use Disorder Facility

GMCB-008-19con: Birchwood Terrace, Renovation and Parking Remediation 

GMCB-006-19con: Vernon Green Nursing Home Replacement Project

GMCB-028-18con: Springfield Medical Care Systems, Inc., EMR Replacement Project 

GMCB-005-18con - Bear Mountain Healthcare (Purchase of a Nursing Home in Newport)

GMCB-001-18con - Bear Mountain Healthcare (Purchase of Maple Lane Nursing Home, Union House Nursing Home and Pines Rehab and Health Care Center)


For additional information regarding the above applications, please contact  Donna Jerry or call 1-802-828-2177